Mexican Poncho Baja Hoodie Pullover

If you think of hippie clothing you most likely think of the drug rug surf hoodie pullovers that so many hippies wear. They look like they are made of organic hemp and they have a pouch on the front with a hood on the back. These hooded sweaters are known as Mexican baja hoodies but in Mexico they call them camisas de jerga.

What is a baja jerga?

It is a popular style of Mexican clothing but they are also known as hippie clothes because so many of them wear them. This 1980′s sweater was often known as a Señor Lopez pullover baja and can also be seen on Will Smith in the movie Hancock. Hippy clothing is very different than what you picture as traditional Mexican clothing but the baja drug rugs are hand made in Mexico. The earth ragz baja hoodie pullovers are made of recycled t shirts. Baja shirts or camisas de jerga are very popular among most people as they are making a comeback in 2010. They are very warm and very comfortable. These Mexican poncho pullovers come in many colors from the rasta colored baja hoodie of red, black, yellow and green to the more colorful pullover ponchos that include many colors from pink, red, brown, purple, black, orange, bright blue, turquoise, gray, white and everything in between.

Where can I buy baja hoodie pullovers? is the cheapest place on the Internet to find them.

What sizes do they come in? You can find these sudaderas jergas (Mexican baja hoodies) from small, medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL and even XXXXL. The X-Large is the most popular big size but you can find the extra extra large ones as well. offers wholesale baja hoodie prices but you don’t have to buy 100 at a time. They also provide free shipping on all adult sized bajas.

If you are looking for hippie stuff, a poncho sweater from Mexican Threads is the best way to go. They also have rasta clothing in the form of their rasta hoodies.

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