Zip Baja Hoodie

The new zip baja hoodie is found only at and has the same style you have to come to know and love from the creators of the drug rug hoodie at Mexican Threads only now it has a zipper on it.
Check out their zip up baja hoodie page to order one and get it shipped for free for a limited time.
zip baja hoodie

Check out for more awesome hippie clothing. The new style right now is the 3D sublimated all over printed crewneck sweatshirts. They are called sexy sweaters by kids these days and they have cool pictures blown up and turned into clothing. The pizza hoodie and hamburger sweatshirt are popular along with the galaxy cat shirt and the spewing unicorn top.
galaxy unicorn-sweater

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Buy Baja Hoodie Online

If you want to buy a baja hoodie online you need to head to where they have super fast free shipping right now!

These drug rug hoodies are often called Mexican poncho pullovers and they are an emerging trend with hippie/bohemian fashion that is popular right now. Mexican Threads is ranked #1 by for the best hippie shop online and the largest selection of baja jackets in the world.
buy baja hoodies
baja hoodie online
buy baja hoodie online

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Why Are They Called Drug Rugs?

We all know them as Mexican baja hoodies but why are they called drug rugs? The answer is actually quit simple, it’s because hippies have been known to love them and they like to do drugs. The new boho clothing fashion is very popular right now and with that comes the stereotype of all people wearing a baj hoodie. You can buy them online at where they ship free and fast.
why the baja hoodie is called a drug rug

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Mexican Threads Baja Joe Hoodie

The baja joe hoodie is a drug rug poncho original that sold exclusively at Mexican Threads. They have the best baja hoodies online and there is no surprise cost in the shipping because shipping is free!
baja joe hoodie
Shop their large selection of Mexican ponchos for all adult sizes up to 3xl and even kids sizes as well.

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Mexican Poncho Baja Hoodie Pullover

If you think of hippie clothing you most likely think of the drug rug surf hoodie pullovers that so many hippies wear. They look like they are made of organic hemp and they have a pouch on the front with a hood on the back. These hooded sweaters are known as Mexican baja hoodies but in Mexico they call them camisas de jerga.

What is a baja jerga?

It is a popular style of Mexican clothing but they are also known as hippie clothes because so many of them wear them. This 1980′s sweater was often known as a Señor Lopez pullover baja and can also be seen on Will Smith in the movie Hancock. Hippy clothing is very different than what you picture as traditional Mexican clothing but the baja drug rugs are hand made in Mexico. The earth ragz baja hoodie pullovers are made of recycled t shirts. Baja shirts or camisas de jerga are very popular among most people as they are making a comeback in 2010. They are very warm and very comfortable. These Mexican poncho pullovers come in many colors from the rasta colored baja hoodie of red, black, yellow and green to the more colorful pullover ponchos that include many colors from pink, red, brown, purple, black, orange, bright blue, turquoise, gray, white and everything in between.

Where can I buy baja hoodie pullovers? is the cheapest place on the Internet to find them.

What sizes do they come in? You can find these sudaderas jergas (Mexican baja hoodies) from small, medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL and even XXXXL. The X-Large is the most popular big size but you can find the extra extra large ones as well. offers wholesale baja hoodie prices but you don’t have to buy 100 at a time. They also provide free shipping on all adult sized bajas.

If you are looking for hippie stuff, a poncho sweater from Mexican Threads is the best way to go. They also have rasta clothing in the form of their rasta hoodies.

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Rasta Clothing

rasta baja hoodie
The rasta baja hoodie at is a sweet reggae Jamaican hoodie that took the world by storm and now Mexican Threads has more rasta clothing that will blow your mind and match really well with that baja hoodie you have. The rasta hat beanie is one of the more famous pieces of rasta wear that you will find but it doesn’t stop there. They have rasta bags, rings, leather bracelets, wood bracelets, tams, caps, shirts and more. You would make Bob Marley and everyone else in Jamaica happy with your new cool runnings styles.

Mexican threads baja hoodies mania, this is the craze which is quite evident at the time when such type of clothing was still a raging trend. The hippies are considered the promoter of such trend in fashion, their unorthodox nature of dressing up made a great intrigued among the people in the 60s and such fashion sense eventually became a craze on such period of time.

It is already the 20th century, yet one cannot deny that still the Mexican threads Baja hoodies mania is still evident, in fact the ones which are quite passionate with such type of clothing are not actually hippies, and they are ordinary individuals from who follow different walks of life away from the shadows of hippie genre.

Why can one say that the Mexican threads Baja hoodies is still quite evident and present among us? The craze on such type of sweatshirt is still quite noticeable because there is a large fraction in the society today which uses such type of sweatshirt, it is even quite popular not only for those who are aware of such trend in the 60s, there are also younger generation who are avid fans of Mexican threads Baja hoodies.

The mania is indeed still on, and no one can neglect such fact. Mexican threads Baja hoodies are very popular for it possesses a number of qualities which meets with the requirements of the people who are using it. The style is also immortal in nature, it lived through out centuries and still it is quite popular today.

You can even be affected with such mania if you choose to use Mexican threads Baja hoodies, you might actually get hooked with such type of clothing which is why you may need to prepare yourself for the craze you may encounter with Mexican threads Baja hoodies.

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Mexican Apparel Surf Hoodie Baja Poncho Pullover

Looking for Mexican apparel? has Mexican clothing from baja hoodies to Mexican ponchos. The surf baja hoodie known as a drug rug or baja poncho pullover is a popular surf hoodie worn by hippies.

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Hippie Clothes

Hippie clothes are very popular in the U.S. and hippie shops online are a great way to find great hippie clothing for a fraction of the price. A hemp hippie hoodie is an awesome way to stand out. Find baja hoodies, drug rugs and more at

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Baja Sweatshirt Drug Rug

A baja sweatshirt is a great way to stay warm while keeping mad style. You can find them at for the best price anywhere.

The Baja Hoodie

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Mexican Threads Baja Pullover Drug Rug

Where can you buy a baja pullover? Mexican Threads has the largest selection of baja hoodies on the Internet.
a baja hoodie

mexican baja hoodie

baja hoodie

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